Q: How do I get on the CFN Fish Off TV Show?

A: Anyone who fishes Canadian waters can join the online CFN Fish Off tournament on Facebook. It occurs annually the starting at 12:00:01 AM EST on Saturday of May long weekend. 

The winning team from the online tournament earns a chance to compete in the CFN Fish Off TV show which airs on the Sportsman Channel and the World Fishing Network.

Fans can also watch our Youtube series: [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3]

Q: How much does it cost to enter the CFN Fish Off?

1. Joining the online CFN Fish Off is FREE. Register here.
2. Contestants for the CFN Fish Off TV show are selected from the preliminary online tournament.

Q: How do I submit a fish for the online CFN Fish off?

There is a 2 step process.
1. Entries must be recorded on video using any video capturing device. Video entries need to be posted on the CFN Fish Off Facebook page.
2. Team name, species caught, and length need to be self-inputted on CFN Fish Off tournament chart by going to http://www.cfnfishoff.com.

Q: What species can be entered for the tournament? Is there a minimum size?

All species with an 8″ minimum length can be entered. The more species you enter the more points your team gets.  Read full CFN Fish Off Online Rules


Q: I want to sponsor and have my product featured on the CFN Fish Off (TV show, Youtube series, webpage, facebook), who do I contact?

Email Scottie Martin of the Canadian Fishing Network at scottiesoutdoors@gmail.com.

Q: Are any type of boats allowed to be used during the CFN Fish Off?

For the online CFN Fish Off, any type of boat with any type of motor can be used. However, for those teams that move on to the CFN Fish Off tournament that will be filmed for television, only non-gas powered boats can be used (eg. kayak, canoe, inflatables, electric trolling motors).

Q: How does the kids rule work?

If a team brings kids fishing with them, and those kids catch a fish, those catches can count towards your team’s score. This rule is put in place to encourage teams to bring kids fishing with them so we can get more children outdoors enjoying the wonders of nature and the amazing sport of fishing.
– For the tournament a “kid” is classified someone 17 years or younger that does not require a fishing license.

Q: Does my CFN Fish Off partner need to live in the same province as me?

Yes. CFN Fish Off online teams need to represent the same province. If your team ends of winning the tournament, you will be asked to compete for your province in the CFN Fish Off TV show.

Q: Do I need to measure every catch?

NO. An angler can choose to submit an unmeasured fish and receive 1 point for the fish (provided that it is clearly over the 8 inch minimum length. If your catch is shorter than the top 3 fish on the species chart, measuring your catch is not required since it is only a 1 point fish. It is best to release the fish as soon as possible without measuring. Submission videos still need all the necessary elements to qualify.

Q: Do I need a partner for the Summer Slam or Winter Fish Fest?

No. The CFN Summer Slam and Winter Fish Fest online tournaments are both individual competitions. No partner needed. An in-province partner is needed for the main CFN Fish Off online tournament.



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