Shimano Draws


Every week during the CFN Fish Off spring online tournament, we will be having a weekly draw courtesy of Shimano!

Shimano prizes 2020

2 Shimano rod and reel combos will be given out on CFN Facebook LIVE every Monday night during the tournament – 7:00 pm start time.


Start Strategizing!! 

Weekly draws will be species specific. All you need to do is make sure that your team has submitted the weekly species listed below before the deadline date and time (midnight every Sunday).

Every species submitted within that category will get you a team ballot into that weekly draw.

Eg. A brown trout, lake trout, and brook trout submitted in week 1 will give your team a total of 3 ballots for the week 1 draw which will be held on Monday, May 11th.
**If your team name is drawn, you and your partner will each receive a rod and reel combo courtesy of Shimano (shipping cost may apply).



Week 1 (Monday, May 4 – Sunday, May 10)
Trout & Salmon
-Brown, Brook, Laker, etc.
Coho, Chinook, Atlantic, Char
-All salmonids including Grayling & Whitefish
**Eligible species caught within the bonus opening weekend (May 2-3) are also eligible for the week 1 Shimano draw


Week 2 (Monday, May 11 – Sunday, May 17)
Sucker Mouth
Catostomus genus (including White Sucker, Largescale, Longnose, Mountain, Bridgelip, etc).
-Any Redhorse (silver, greater, shorthead, river, black, golden)
-Sturgeon, Tench, Buffalo, Common Carp
**if a species is invasive to closed in your zone, it does not count



Week 3 (Monday, May 18 – Sunday, May 24)
Esox and Gar
-Northern Pike, Chain Pickerel, Grass Pickerel, Muskie (if open)
-Longnose Gar, Spotted Gar

Week 4 (Monday, May 25 – Sunday, May 31 @ midnight)
-Yellow Perch
-Walleye, Sauger


Week 5 (Monday, June 1 to Sunday, June 7 )
Sunfish and minnows**
-Pumpkinseed, Bluegill, Rockbass, Crappie, Green Sunfish, etc. (bass if open)
-Creek Chub, Flathead, Horny Head, Fallfish, Northern Pike Minnow, Peamouth, etc.
**8″ minimum still applies


Week 6 (Monday, June 8 to Sunday, June 14)
Each individual species caught from week 1 through 6 = 1 ballot


Get Involved

Join the CFN Fish Off Online Facebook tournament. Same rules. Same excitement. Same drama. Great prizes provided by our amazing sponsors.

**Winning team earns a spot on the next season of the CFN Fish Off airing on the Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network, January 2021.


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