Official Trailer 2

We all anxiously await the Thursday, November 30th release date of episode 1. Here’s the second trailer introducing you the all 3 teams.

Subscribe the Canadian Fishing Network on Youtube so you can get notified when episode 1 gets released. You can also follow the Canadian Fishing Network on Facebook.

Individual anglers also have their own youtube channels listed on the contact page.

Get Involved

Join the CFN Fish Off Online Facebook tournament. Same rules. Same excitement. Same drama. Great prizes provided by our amazing sponsors.

**Winning team earns a spot on season 2 of the CFN Fish Off.

Be part of the conversation

Interact with our 3 teams and Scottie Martin
See behind the scenes clips, pictures, and sneak peaks
Comment, predict, and converse with fellow viewers
Follow CFN Fish Off on Facebook.

Fish On!

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