#ShimanoRules – Weekly Categories



We now have species specific WEEKLY Shimano SLX draws for our upcoming online CFN Fish Off!

Start Strategizing!! 

Each week will have a specific category. Every species submitted within that category will get you an individual ballot into the weekly draw.

Each team member can submit their own fish but only the longest fish submitted for your team will remain on overall scoreboard.

Video submission requirements: [Watch video] [Read video requirements]



  • Any species that meets the minimum 8″ requirement (no micro-species) within that weekly category equals one SLX ballot (regardless of size), per angler.
  • Only 1 ballot, per team, per species. Ex. 3 rainbow trout is only 1 ballot. However, one rainbow trout, one brown trout, and one brook trout equals 3 ballots.
  • SLX draw will be held on CFN live on Facebook every Monday at 7:30 pm.
  • Fish must be measured with Shimano measuring tape to be eligible for SLX draw using the hashtag #ShimanoRules
  • Didn’t get a Shimano tape measure or forgot it at home, see details on how to still qualify.
  • Fish must be submitted by midnight each Sunday to be eligible for SLX draw.
  • New weekly code will be published prior to midnight each Sunday night for anglers to use the for the upcoming week.
    • Example:
      Week 1 code needs to be used for trout/salmon week.
      Week 2 code needs to be used for sucker mouth week.
      **If week 1 code is used to submit a white sucker, that particular white sucker would not be eligible for the week 2 SLX draw (but can still be considered for overall scoreboard depending on the circumstances).




Week 1 (Apr 27 – May 5 @ midnight)
Trout & Salmon
-Brown, Brook, Laker, etc.
Coho, Chinook, Atlantic, Char
-All salmonids including Grayling & Whitefish


Week 2 (May 6 – 12 @ midnight)
Sucker Mouth
Catostomus genus (including White Sucker, Largescale, Longnose, Mountain, Bridgelip, etc).
-Any Redhorse (silver, greater, shorthead, river, black, golden)
-Sturgeon, Tench, Buffalo, Common Carp (invasive species do not count)



Week 3 (May 13 – 19 @ midnight)
Esox and Gar
-Northern Pike, Chain Pickerel, Grass Pickerel, Muskie (if open)
-Longnose Gar, Spotted Gar

Week 4 (May 20 – 26 @ midnight)
-Yellow Perch
-Walleye, Sauger


Week 5 (May 27 – Jun 2 @ midnight)
Sunfish and minnows**
-Pumpkinseed, Bluegill, Rockbass, Crappie, Green Sunfish, etc. (bass if open)
-Creek Chub, Flathead, Horny Head, Fallfish, Northern Pike Minnow, Peamouth, etc.
**8″ minimum still applies


Week 6 (Jun 3 – Jun 9 @ midnight)
Each individual species caught from week 1 through 6 = 1 ballot



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