2021 Shimano Draws – Dates and Categories


Every week during the CFN Fish Off spring online tournament, we will be having a weekly draw courtesy of Shimano!


2 Shimano rod and reel combos will be raffled on Facebook live every Tuesday at 7:00 pm EST on Tourney Tuesday (see dates below). Watch live on the CFN Fish Off Facebook page.


Weekly draws will be species specific. All you need to do is make sure that your team has submitted the weekly species listed below before the deadline date and time (midnight every Sunday).

Every species submitted within that category will get you a team ballot into that weekly draw.

Eg. A brown trout, lake trout, and brook trout submitted in week 1 will give your team a total of 3 ballots for the week 2 draw which will be held on Tuesday, June 15th.
**If your team name is drawn, you and your partner will each receive a rod and reel combo courtesy of Shimano (shipping cost may apply).



Deadline Date: 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, June 13
Draw Date: Tues. June 15 on Tourney Tuesday @ 7:00 pm EST
– Yellow Perch
– Walleye, Sauger


Deadline Date: 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, June 20
Draw Date: Tues. June 22 on Tourney Tuesday @ 7:00 pm EST
– Brown, Brook, Laker, etc.
Coho, Chinook, Atlantic, Char
– All salmonids including Grayling & Whitefish


Deadline Date: 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, June 27
Draw Date: Tues. June 29 on Tourney Tuesday @ 7:00 pm EST
Catostomus genus (including White Sucker, Largescale, Longnose, Mountain, Bridgelip, etc).
– Any Redhorse (silver, greater, shorthead, river, black, golden)
– Sturgeon, Tench, Buffalo, Common Carp, Goldfish, Quillback, Prussian Carp


Deadline Date: 11:59 pm EST on Monday, July 5
Draw Date: Tues. July 13 on Tourney Tuesday @ 7:00 pm EST
– All individual species caught from June 5th to July 5th equals 1 ballot into our final draw
– This includes all species previously caught above
**Draw date: Tues. July 13 on Tourney Tuesday @ 7:00 pm EST


Teams that place in the top 25 are eligible to be drafted to compete on the CFN Fish Off TV Show. Anglers selected from the draft will be asked to film from Sat. July 24th until Sun. July 8th, 2021.

The show will air on the Sportsman Channel Canada and the World Fishing Network in 2022.



2 Guys 1 WormWalleye8
613 River ReapersWalleye15.75
613 River ReapersSauger10.75
613 River ReapersPerch – Yellow8
Alberta Gold GirlsWalleye19.25
Alberta Gold GirlsPerch – Yellow8.25
Aquaholics AnonymousWalleye23
Backroad AdventuresWalleye17
Backroad AdventuresSauger12.75
Berta BoysWalleye26.5
Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsWalleye11.75
Bottom BouncersWalleye24
Bouncy BottomsWalleye22.75
Bouncy BottomsPerch – Yellow8.5
Dream TeamWalleye8
Ethan and Justin fishin!Walleye25.5
Feelin’ Reel FishyWalleye8
Fin AddictsWalleye17.875
Fin AddictsPerch – Yellow10.75
Fin and TonicWalleye17
Fish and ChicksPerch – Yellow9.5
Fish HookersWalleye12.75
Fish HookersPerch – Yellow11
Fox Fishing 4KPerch – Yellow11
Frontenac frenzy’sWalleye19.5
Frontenac frenzy’sPerch – Yellow8
Grawberger OutdoorsPerch – Yellow9
Grawberger Outdoors IISauger12.25
Grawberger Outdoors IIPerch – Yellow8
Grey GhostsWalleye8
Hook’d UpWalleye23.5
Hook’d UpPerch – Yellow9.75
Hooked on BananasWalleye17.5
If you’re not first you’re bassPerch – Yellow8.125
Kick some BASSWalleye12.75
Looney SpoonsPerch – Yellow8
Lure Me InPerch – Yellow8.25
Masters on the FlyWalleye13.5
Miles ApartWalleye10
Miles ApartSauger8.5
Newfoundland JiggersPerch – Yellow9.625
Nipissing LegendsWalleye14
Nipissing LegendsPerch – Yellow9.5
OffthedockbaitzPerch – Yellow9.75
Prarie Banx BoyzWalleye26.625
Prarie Banx BoyzSauger12.375
Prarie Banx BoyzPerch – Yellow8
Pro Out TackleWalleye14.5
Pro Out TacklePerch – Yellow8.875
Quinte gold jiggersWalleye8
Reel DealPerch – Yellow8
Sask Fish HuntersWalleye22.5
Sask Fish HuntersSauger18.5
Sask Fish HuntersPerch – Yellow9.25
Slaunch DonkeysWalleye18.57
Slaunch DonkeysPerch – Yellow8.5
SmashPerch – Yellow8.75
Team Chrome ChasersWalleye21.5
Team Chrome ChasersPerch – Yellow8.75
Team Drag PullersWalleye10.5
Team Drag PullersPerch – Yellow9.25
Team Fishing SaskWalleye20.5
Team Fishing SaskSauger14
Team MastercastersPerch – Yellow9.25
Team Sanderson OutdoorsPerch – Yellow10.25
The Hookers of HaffordWalleye8
The Hookers of HaffordSauger16.5
The Laker TakersPerch – Yellow13.25
The Last Saskatchewan PiratesWalleye18.5
The Last Saskatchewan PiratesPerch – Yellow9.375
The No Fluke Fishing TeamWalleye26
The Pickerel PoundersWalleye8
The Pickerel PoundersSauger12.25
The Pickerel PoundersPerch – Yellow10.625
The Reel AnglersWalleye20.25
The Reel AnglersPerch – Yellow9.125
The Reel Deal!Walleye26.125
The Reel Deal!Perch – Yellow8.5
The Rod Father & SonPerch – Yellow9.25
The Ugli BunchPerch – Yellow9.75
Tight LinesWalleye20.5
Tight LinesPerch – Yellow9.25
True North AnglersWalleye8.5
True North AnglersPerch – Yellow10.125
VleemingPerch – Yellow9.5
WalterhuntersPerch – Yellow10.125
Wild CatchWalleye22.25
Wild West FishingWalleye19
Wild West FishingPerch – Yellow9



Alberta Gold GirlsTrout – Rainbow18
Berta BoysTrout – Rainbow10
Berta BoysTrout – Bull26
Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsTrout – Lake25
Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsSalmon – Coho21
ByersTrout – Lake24.875
ByersTrout – Brook0
DarkwaterTrout – Brown20.75
Dream TeamTrout – Rainbow8
Dream TeamTrout – Lake8
Dream TeamTrout – Cutthroat16
Dream TeamTrout – Brown8
Dream TeamTrout – Brook8.5
Fin and TonicTrout – Brook11.5
Fish FreaksTrout – Brown14.5
Fish FreaksTrout – Brook8.5
Fish HookersTrout – Rainbow19
Fish HookersTrout – Lake26.75
Fish HookersTrout – Brown9.125
Fish HookersTrout – Brook8
FishinWithGingerTrout – Rainbow16.25
FishinWithGingerTrout – Brown8.125
FishinWithGingerTrout – Brook15.25
Fox Fishing 4KTrout – Lake30.25
Fox Fishing 4KSalmon – Chinook31
Fox Fishing 4KSalmon – Atlantic20
Hook’d UpTrout – Rainbow20
Hook’d UpTrout – Brown14.675
Hook’d UpTrout – Brook0
Hook’d UpArctic Grayling14.75
Hooked on BananasTrout – Rainbow15
Hooked on BananasTrout – Lake24.25
If you’re not first you’re bassTrout – Brook9.75
Kootney lifeTrout – Rainbow10
Like Father, Like sonTrout – Rainbow27.75
Like Father, Like sonTrout – Lake36
Like Father, Like sonSalmon – Coho8
Like Father, Like sonSalmon – Chinook36
Looney SpoonsTrout – Rainbow21
Looney SpoonsTrout – Lake26.25
Master BaitersSalmon – Sockeye10.75
Master BaitersArctic Grayling14.25
Masters on the FlyTrout – Rainbow8
Masters on the FlyTrout – Brook8.25
Miles ApartTrout – Brook0
Multicultural Fishing OntarioTrout – Rainbow21.5
Multicultural Fishing OntarioTrout – Brook8.25
Multicultural Fishing OntarioSalmon – Atlantic30.5
Newfoundland JiggersTrout – Brook13.25
Nipissing LegendsTrout – Brook9.25
Not your average Char-leyTrout – Lake8
Not your average Char-leyChar – Arctic23.75
OffthedockbaitzTrout – Rainbow15.5
Reel DealTrout – Rainbow16
Reel DealTrout – Brown20.5
Sask Fish HuntersTrout – Rainbow13
Saskatchewan Fish bustersTrout – Rainbow15.75
Sault River DogWhitefish – Lake8
Sault River DogTrout – Lake25
Slaunch DonkeysTrout – Brook9.125
Slaunch DonkeysSalmon – Chinook38.25
SmashTrout – Lake32.75
Team Drag PullersTrout – Lake32.5
Team Drag PullersTrout – Brown12.75
Team Drag PullersChar – Arctic13.75
Team Left CoastSalmon – Chinook30
Team MastercastersTrout – Lake18
Team Purdie LoveWhitefish – Lake20.25
Team Purdie LoveTrout – Rainbow19.5
Team Purdie LoveTrout – Brown0
Team Purdie LoveTrout – Brook13.75
The Laker TakersTrout – Lake32.375
The Laker TakersTrout – Brook8.5
The No Fluke Fishing TeamTrout – Cutthroat13.5
The No Fluke Fishing TeamTrout – Bull11.25
The No Fluke Fishing TeamTrout – Brown15.125
The Reel AnglersTrout – Brown12
The Reel Deal!Trout – Rainbow8.125
The Tin BangersTrout – Brown10.5
Walters BaitsTrout – Brook17
Wild CatchWhitefish – Lake18.25


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sucker-mouth-3-species.png
2 Guys 1 WormSucker – Longnose8
613 River ReapersCarp – Common31.25
613 River ReapersRedhorse – Greater18.75
613 River ReapersRedhorse – Shorthead13.5
Alberta Gold GirlsRedhorse – Shorthead19.75
Alberta Gold GirlsSturgeon – Lake8
Alberta Gold GirlsSucker – Longnose21.125
Alberta Gold GirlsSucker – White19.75
Aquaholics AnonymousSucker – White8
Berta BoysCarp – Prussian8.5
Berta BoysRedhorse – Shorthead18.75
Berta BoysRedhorse – Silver23.5
Berta BoysSturgeon – Lake8
Berta BoysSucker – White20
Bouncy BottomsCarp – Common8
Bouncy BottomsGoldfish13.75
Bouncy BottomsQuillback20.5
Bouncy BottomsSucker – White11.25
DarkwaterRedhorse – Silver21.25
DarkwaterSturgeon – Lake8
DarkwaterSucker – Longnose21.875
DarkwaterSucker – White19
Dream TeamRedhorse – Shorthead18
Dream TeamSturgeon – Lake47
Dream TeamSucker – Longnose18
Dream TeamSucker – White14.25
Feelin’ Reel FishyCarp – Common34
Fin AddictsCarp – Common24.875
Fin AddictsRedhorse – Golden18.75
Fin AddictsRedhorse – Shorthead14.5
Fin AddictsSucker – Spotted8
Fin and TonicRedhorse – Shorthead18.375
Fin and TonicRedhorse – Silver23.5
Fish and ChicksRedhorse – Silver20.75
Fish FreaksSucker – White16.25
Fish HookersSucker – White17.5
FishinWithGingerCarp – Common32.5
FishinWithGingerRedhorse – Golden18.5
FishinWithGingerSucker – White21.25
Fox Fishing 4KCarp – Common8
Grawberger OutdoorsCarp – Common8
Grawberger Outdoors IICarp – Common32.875
Grawberger outdoors IIICarp – Common25
Grey GhostsCarp – Common26
Hook’d UpSucker – White16.25
Just One Fish!!Carp – Common28
Kootney lifeSucker – Largescale12.5
LandlubbersRedhorse – Shorthead18.5
Looney SpoonsSucker – Longnose8
Masters on the FlyCarp – Common22.75
Masters on the FlyRedhorse – Greater25.25
Miles ApartCarp – Common20
Miles ApartRedhorse – Silver21
Multicultural Fishing OntarioCarp – Common30
Multicultural Fishing OntarioRedhorse – Silver8
Newfoundland JiggersCarp – Common29.5
Newfoundland JiggersSucker – White14
OffthedockbaitzCarp – Common27.25
OffthedockbaitzRedhorse – Golden18
OffthedockbaitzSucker – White19
Ontario fishing fin addictsRedhorse – Golden18.75
Ontario fishing fin addictsRedhorse – Shorthead8
Peg City AnglersSucker – White13.5
Prarie Banx BoyzBuffalo – Bigmouth26.375
Prarie Banx BoyzRedhorse – Silver25.25
Prarie Banx BoyzSturgeon – Lake8
Puddle JumpersRedhorse – Silver20.25
Puddle JumpersSturgeon – Lake8
Reel DealCarp – Common36.25
Reel DealRedhorse – Golden17.375
Reel DealRedhorse – Greater20.875
Sask Fish HuntersRedhorse – Shorthead17.625
Sask Fish HuntersRedhorse – Silver25
Sask Fish HuntersSturgeon – Lake54.5
Sask Fish HuntersSturgeon – Lake50
Sask Fish HuntersSucker – Longnose18.25
Sask Fish HuntersSucker – White21.25
Sask Fish HuntersRedhorse – Silver19.5
Sask YouTube BrosCarp – Common29.75
Saskatchewan Fish bustersSucker – Longnose16.76
Saskatchewan Fish bustersSucker – White16.26
SaskMetisJiggersRedhorse – Shorthead17.25
SaskMetisJiggersRedhorse – Silver23.75
SaskMetisJiggersSturgeon – Lake54.75
Screamin reelsCarp – Common8
Slaunch DonkeysCarp – Common34.625
Slaunch DonkeysRedhorse – Silver20.5
Team Drag PullersCarp – Common8
Team Drag PullersGoldfish0
Team Drag PullersQuillback16.25
Team Drag PullersRedhorse – Golden14.25
Team Drag PullersRedhorse – Greater23.5
Team Drag PullersRedhorse – River27.5
Team Drag PullersRedhorse – Shorthead19
Team Drag PullersRedhorse – Silver20.5
Team Drag PullersSucker – White17
Team Fishing SaskSturgeon – Lake50.5
Team Get The Net!Redhorse – Silver23.75
Team Left CoastSturgeon – White8
Team Left CoastSucker – Largescale16.5
Team MastercastersRedhorse – Greater22.25
Team MastercastersRedhorse – Silver8
The George and Chris ShowCarp – Common29.5
The Laker TakersCarp – Common8
The Last Saskatchewan PiratesCarp – Common29.875
The No Fluke Fishing TeamRedhorse – Silver21.625
The No Fluke Fishing TeamSucker – Longnose18.25
The No Fluke Fishing TeamSucker – White16.75
The RednecksSucker – White16.75
The Reel AnglersCarp – Common19.5
The Reel AnglersRedhorse – Golden18
The Reel AnglersRedhorse – Greater25
The Reel AnglersRedhorse – Shorthead13.75
The Reel AnglersSucker – White11.125
The Rod Father & SonCarp – Common10.875
The South AfricansGoldfish13
The Tin BangersCarp – Common32
The Tin BangersSucker – White18.5
Welland River WarriorsCarp – Common21
Wild West FishingRedhorse – Shorthead17
Wild West FishingSucker – White19


1#DadWinBass – Smallmouth
2#DadWinCatfish – Brown Bullhead
3#DadWinCatfish – Channel
4#DadWinGar – Longnose
6#DadWinTrout – Rainbow
72 Guys 1 WormBurbot
82 Guys 1 WormChub – Flathead
92 Guys 1 WormSucker – Longnose
102 Guys 1 WormWalleye
112 Krazy HookersCatfish – Brown Bullhead
122 Krazy HookersFallfish
132 Krazy HookersNorthern Pike
142 Krazy HookersPerch – Yellow
15613 River ReapersBass – Largemouth
16613 River ReapersBass – Smallmouth
17613 River ReapersBluegill
18613 River ReapersBowfin
19613 River ReapersCarp – Common
20613 River ReapersCatfish – Black Bullhead
21613 River ReapersCatfish – Channel
22613 River ReapersCrappie – Black
23613 River ReapersFallfish
24613 River ReapersNorthern Pike
25613 River ReapersPerch – Yellow
26613 River ReapersPumpkinseed
27613 River ReapersRedhorse – Greater
28613 River ReapersRedhorse – Shorthead
29613 River ReapersRockbass
30613 River ReapersSauger
31613 River ReapersShad – Gizzard
32613 River ReapersTrout – Brook
33613 River ReapersWalleye
34AccessAble AnglingNorthern Pike
35AccessAble AnglingRockbass
36Alberta Gold GirlsBurbot
37Alberta Gold GirlsGoldeye
38Alberta Gold GirlsMooneye
39Alberta Gold GirlsNorthern Pike
40Alberta Gold GirlsPerch – Yellow
41Alberta Gold GirlsRedhorse – Shorthead
42Alberta Gold GirlsSauger
43Alberta Gold GirlsSturgeon – Lake
44Alberta Gold GirlsSucker – Longnose
45Alberta Gold GirlsSucker – White
46Alberta Gold GirlsTrout – Rainbow
47Alberta Gold GirlsWalleye
48Aquaholics AnonymousNorthern Pike
49Aquaholics AnonymousSauger
50Aquaholics AnonymousSucker – White
51Aquaholics AnonymousWalleye
52Backroad AdventuresArctic Grayling
53Backroad AdventuresBass – Smallmouth
54Backroad AdventuresBluegill
55Backroad AdventuresBurbot
56Backroad AdventuresGoldeye
57Backroad AdventuresNorthern Pike
58Backroad AdventuresPerch – Yellow
59Backroad AdventuresSauger
60Backroad AdventuresWalleye
61Berta BoysBurbot
62Berta BoysCarp – Prussian
63Berta BoysChub – Flathead
64Berta BoysGoldeye
65Berta BoysMooneye
66Berta BoysNorthern Pike
67Berta BoysPerch – Yellow
68Berta BoysRedhorse – Shorthead
69Berta BoysRedhorse – Silver
70Berta BoysSturgeon – Lake
71Berta BoysSucker – White
72Berta BoysTrout – Brook
73Berta BoysTrout – Brown
74Berta BoysTrout – Bull
75Berta BoysTrout – Rainbow
76Berta BoysWalleye
77Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsBass – Largemouth
78Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsBass – Smallmouth
79Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsBowfin
80Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsCatfish – Brown Bullhead
81Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsCrappie – Black
82Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsFreshwater Drum
83Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsNorthern Pike
84Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsPerch – Yellow
85Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsPumpkinseed
86Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsRockbass
87Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsSalmon – Coho
88Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsTrout – Lake
89Blackfly Lures SpinnerbaitkingsWalleye
90Bottom BouncersNorthern Pike
91Bottom BouncersWalleye
92Bouncy BottomsBass – Largemouth
93Bouncy BottomsBass – Smallmouth
94Bouncy BottomsBass – White
95Bouncy BottomsBluegill
96Bouncy BottomsBowfin
97Bouncy BottomsCarp – Common
98Bouncy BottomsCatfish – Black Bullhead
99Bouncy BottomsCatfish – Brown Bullhead
100Bouncy BottomsCatfish – Channel
101Bouncy BottomsCatfish – Yellow Bullhead
102Bouncy BottomsCrappie – Black
103Bouncy BottomsFreshwater Drum
104Bouncy BottomsGar – Longnose
105Bouncy BottomsGoldfish
106Bouncy BottomsGreen Sunfish
107Bouncy BottomsMuskellunge
108Bouncy BottomsNorthern Pike
109Bouncy BottomsPerch – White
110Bouncy BottomsPerch – Yellow
111Bouncy BottomsPumpkinseed
112Bouncy BottomsQuillback
113Bouncy BottomsRedhorse – Shorthead
114Bouncy BottomsRockbass
115Bouncy BottomsSucker – White
116Bouncy BottomsWalleye
117ByersBass – Largemouth
118ByersBass – Smallmouth
120ByersCatfish – Channel
122ByersNorthern Pike
123ByersPerch – Yellow
125ByersTrout – Brook
126ByersTrout – Lake
128Combi P2 FlyBass – Smallmouth
129Combi P2 FlyNorthern Pike
131DarkwaterNorthern Pikeminnow
132DarkwaterRedhorse – Silver
133DarkwaterSturgeon – Lake
134DarkwaterSucker – Largescale
135DarkwaterSucker – Longnose
136DarkwaterSucker – White
137DarkwaterTrout – Brown
138DarkwaterTrout – Bull
139DarkwaterTrout – Cutthroat
140DarkwaterTrout – Rainbow
142Dogfish SlayersDogfish – Pacific Spiny
143Dream TeamArctic Grayling
144Dream TeamBurbot
145Dream TeamCarp – Prussian
146Dream TeamGoldeye
147Dream TeamMooneye
148Dream TeamPerch – Yellow
149Dream TeamRedhorse – Shorthead
150Dream TeamRedhorse – Silver
151Dream TeamSturgeon – Lake
152Dream TeamSucker – Longnose
153Dream TeamSucker – White
154Dream TeamTrout – Brook
155Dream TeamTrout – Brown
156Dream TeamTrout – Cutthroat
157Dream TeamTrout – Lake
158Dream TeamTrout – Rainbow
159Dream TeamWalleye
160Dream TeamWhitefish – Mountain
161Ethan and Justin fishin!Walleye
162Feelin’ Reel FishyBass – Smallmouth
163Feelin’ Reel FishyCarp – Common
164Feelin’ Reel FishyCatfish – Brown Bullhead
165Feelin’ Reel FishyGar – Longnose
166Feelin’ Reel FishyNorthern Pike
167Feelin’ Reel FishyRockbass
168Feelin’ Reel FishyWalleye
169Fin AddictsBass – Largemouth
170Fin AddictsBass – Smallmouth
171Fin AddictsBass – White
172Fin AddictsBluegill
173Fin AddictsBowfin
174Fin AddictsCarp – Common
175Fin AddictsCatfish – Black Bullhead
176Fin AddictsCatfish – Brown Bullhead
177Fin AddictsCatfish – Channel
178Fin AddictsCatfish – Yellow Bullhead
179Fin AddictsCrappie – Black
180Fin AddictsCrappie – White
181Fin AddictsFreshwater Drum
182Fin AddictsGar – Longnose
183Fin AddictsMuskellunge
184Fin AddictsNorthern Pike
185Fin AddictsPerch – White
186Fin AddictsPerch – Yellow
187Fin AddictsPumpkinseed
188Fin AddictsRedhorse – Golden
189Fin AddictsRedhorse – Shorthead
190Fin AddictsRockbass
191Fin AddictsSucker – Spotted
192Fin AddictsWalleye
193Fin and TonicBass – Smallmouth
194Fin and TonicBurbot
195Fin and TonicCatfish – Brown Bullhead
196Fin and TonicFallfish
197Fin and TonicFreshwater Drum
198Fin and TonicGoldeye
199Fin and TonicMooneye
200Fin and TonicNorthern Pike
201Fin and TonicPerch – Yellow
202Fin and TonicRedhorse – Shorthead
203Fin and TonicRedhorse – Silver
204Fin and TonicRockbass
205Fin and TonicSucker – White
206Fin and TonicTrout – Brook
207Fin and TonicWalleye
208Fish & BlissBass – White
209Fish & BlissBowfin
210Fish & BlissCatfish – Brown Bullhead
211Fish & BlissCatfish – Channel
212Fish & BlissFreshwater Drum
213Fish & BlissNorthern Pike
214Fish & BlissPerch – Yellow
215Fish & BlissWalleye
216Fish and ChicksBass – Smallmouth
217Fish and ChicksCatfish – Brown Bullhead
218Fish and ChicksFallfish
219Fish and ChicksGoldeye
220Fish and ChicksMooneye
221Fish and ChicksNorthern Pike
222Fish and ChicksPerch – Yellow
223Fish and ChicksRedhorse – Silver
224Fish and ChicksRockbass
225Fish and ChicksWalleye
226Fish FreaksPumpkinseed
227Fish FreaksSucker – White
228Fish FreaksTrout – Brook
229Fish FreaksTrout – Brown
230Fish HookersBass – Largemouth
231Fish HookersBass – Smallmouth
232Fish HookersBass – White
233Fish HookersBluegill
234Fish HookersCarp – Common
235Fish HookersCatfish – Black Bullhead
236Fish HookersCatfish – Brown Bullhead
237Fish HookersCatfish – Channel
238Fish HookersChub – Creek
239Fish HookersCrappie – Black
240Fish HookersFallfish
241Fish HookersFreshwater Drum
242Fish HookersGar – Longnose
243Fish HookersNorthern Pike
244Fish HookersOTHER Shiner – Golden
245Fish HookersPerch – White
246Fish HookersPerch – Yellow
247Fish HookersPumpkinseed
248Fish HookersRedhorse – Shorthead
249Fish HookersRockbass
250Fish HookersSucker – White
251Fish HookersTrout – Brook
252Fish HookersTrout – Brown
253Fish HookersTrout – Lake
254Fish HookersTrout – Rainbow
255Fish HookersWalleye
256Fish MagnetsBass – Smallmouth
257Fish MagnetsGar – Longnose
258Fish MagnetsNorthern Pike
259Fishing4LifeBass – Largemouth
260Fishing4LifeBass – Smallmouth
262Fishing4LifeCatfish – Brown Bullhead
263Fishing4LifeCatfish – Channel
265Fishing4LifeFreshwater Drum
266Fishing4LifeNorthern Pike
267Fishing4LifePerch – White
268Fishing4LifePerch – Yellow
270Fishing4LifeSalmon – Chinook
271Fishing4LifeTrout – Rainbow
273FishinWithGingerBass – Largemouth
274FishinWithGingerBass – Smallmouth
277FishinWithGingerCarp – Common
278FishinWithGingerCatfish – Black Bullhead
279FishinWithGingerCatfish – Brown Bullhead
280FishinWithGingerCatfish – Channel
281FishinWithGingerCatfish – Stonecat
282FishinWithGingerCatfish – Yellow Bullhead
283FishinWithGingerChub – Creek
284FishinWithGingerCrappie – Black
285FishinWithGingerFreshwater Drum
286FishinWithGingerGar – Longnose
288FishinWithGingerGreen Sunfish
289FishinWithGingerNorthern Pike
290FishinWithGingerPerch – White
291FishinWithGingerPerch – Yellow
293FishinWithGingerRedhorse – Golden
294FishinWithGingerRedhorse – Greater
297FishinWithGingerSucker – Spotted
298FishinWithGingerSucker – White
299FishinWithGingerTrout – Brook
300FishinWithGingerTrout – Brown
301FishinWithGingerTrout – Rainbow
303Fox Fishing 4KBowfin
304Fox Fishing 4KCarp – Common
305Fox Fishing 4KCatfish – Black Bullhead
306Fox Fishing 4KCatfish – Channel
307Fox Fishing 4KCatfish – Yellow Bullhead
308Fox Fishing 4KPerch – Yellow
309Fox Fishing 4KRockbass
310Fox Fishing 4KSalmon – Atlantic
311Fox Fishing 4KSalmon – Chinook
312Fox Fishing 4KTrout – Lake
313Frontenac frenzy’sBass – Largemouth
314Frontenac frenzy’sBass – Smallmouth
315Frontenac frenzy’sBluegill
316Frontenac frenzy’sFallfish
317Frontenac frenzy’sGreen Sunfish
318Frontenac frenzy’sNorthern Pike
319Frontenac frenzy’sPerch – Yellow
320Frontenac frenzy’sPumpkinseed
321Frontenac frenzy’sRockbass
322Frontenac frenzy’sWalleye
323Grawberger OutdoorsBass – Largemouth
324Grawberger OutdoorsCarp – Common
325Grawberger OutdoorsCatfish – Brown Bullhead
326Grawberger OutdoorsFreshwater Drum
327Grawberger OutdoorsNorthern Pike
328Grawberger OutdoorsPerch – Yellow
329Grawberger Outdoors IIBass – Smallmouth
330Grawberger Outdoors IICarp – Common
331Grawberger Outdoors IICatfish – Black Bullhead
332Grawberger Outdoors IICatfish – Channel
333Grawberger Outdoors IIFreshwater Drum
334Grawberger Outdoors IIGoldeye
335Grawberger Outdoors IINorthern Pike
336Grawberger Outdoors IIPerch – Yellow
337Grawberger Outdoors IIRockbass
338Grawberger Outdoors IISauger
339Grawberger Outdoors IITrout – Rainbow
340Grawberger outdoors IIICarp – Common
341Grawberger outdoors IIICatfish – Brown Bullhead
342Grawberger outdoors IIIFreshwater Drum
343Grawberger outdoors IIIGoldeye
344Grey GhostsBass – Largemouth
345Grey GhostsBass – Smallmouth
346Grey GhostsBass – White
347Grey GhostsBluegill
348Grey GhostsBowfin
349Grey GhostsCarp – Common
350Grey GhostsCatfish – Channel
351Grey GhostsCatfish – Flathead
352Grey GhostsCrappie – Black
353Grey GhostsCrappie – White
354Grey GhostsFreshwater Drum
355Grey GhostsGar – Longnose
356Grey GhostsGoldfish
357Grey GhostsNorthern Pike
358Grey GhostsPerch – Yellow
359Grey GhostsRockbass
360Grey GhostsWalleye
361Grim ReelersRockfish – Black
362Grim ReelersRockfish – Copper
363Hook’d UpArctic Grayling
364Hook’d UpBurbot
365Hook’d UpGoldeye
366Hook’d UpNorthern Pike
367Hook’d UpPerch – Yellow
368Hook’d UpSucker – White
369Hook’d UpTrout – Brook
370Hook’d UpTrout – Brown
371Hook’d UpTrout – Rainbow
372Hook’d UpWalleye
373Hooked on BananasBass – Largemouth
374Hooked on BananasBass – Smallmouth
375Hooked on BananasCatfish – Brown Bullhead
376Hooked on BananasMuskellunge
377Hooked on BananasNorthern Pike
378Hooked on BananasPerch – Yellow
379Hooked on BananasSalmon – Atlantic
380Hooked on BananasTrout – Lake
381Hooked on BananasTrout – Rainbow
382Hooked on BananasWalleye
383If you’re not first you’re bassBass – Smallmouth
384If you’re not first you’re bassChain Pickerel
385If you’re not first you’re bassChub – Creek
386If you’re not first you’re bassFallfish
387If you’re not first you’re bassPerch – Yellow
388If you’re not first you’re bassTrout – Brook
389Just One Fish!!Bluegill
390Just One Fish!!Carp – Common
391Kick some BASSCatfish – Brown Bullhead
392Kick some BASSCrappie – Black
393Kick some BASSRockbass
394Kick some BASSWalleye
395Kootney lifeBass – Largemouth
396Kootney lifeNorthern Pikeminnow
397Kootney lifePerch – Yellow
398Kootney lifePumpkinseed
399Kootney lifeSucker – Largescale
400Kootney lifeTrout – Cutthroat
401Kootney lifeTrout – Rainbow
402Kootney lifeTrout – Rainbow
403Kootney lifeWhitefish – Mountain
404LandlubbersCatfish – Channel
405LandlubbersFreshwater Drum
407LandlubbersNorthern Pike
408LandlubbersRedhorse – Shorthead
410Lightnin BrothersGar – Longnose
411Like Father, Like sonBass – Smallmouth
412Like Father, Like sonBowfin
413Like Father, Like sonCatfish – Brown Bullhead
414Like Father, Like sonRockbass
415Like Father, Like sonSalmon – Chinook
416Like Father, Like sonSalmon – Coho
417Like Father, Like sonTrout – Lake
418Like Father, Like sonTrout – Rainbow
419Lip RippersNorthern Pike
420Looney SpoonsNorthern Pike
421Looney SpoonsPerch – Yellow
422Looney SpoonsSucker – Longnose
423Looney SpoonsTrout – Lake
424Looney SpoonsTrout – Rainbow
425Lure Me InBass – White
426Lure Me InCatfish – Black Bullhead
427Lure Me InFreshwater Drum
428Lure Me InPerch – White
429Lure Me InPerch – Yellow
430Master BaitersArctic Grayling
431Master BaitersNorthern Pike
432Master BaitersSalmon – Sockeye
433Masters on the FlyBass – Largemouth
434Masters on the FlyBass – Smallmouth
435Masters on the FlyCarp – Common
436Masters on the FlyCatfish – Black Bullhead
437Masters on the FlyCatfish – Brown Bullhead
438Masters on the FlyChub – Creek
439Masters on the FlyChub – Hornyhead
440Masters on the FlyCrappie – Black
441Masters on the FlyNorthern Pike
442Masters on the FlyPerch – Yellow
443Masters on the FlyRedhorse – Greater
444Masters on the FlyRockbass
445Masters on the FlyTrout – Brook
446Masters on the FlyTrout – Rainbow
447Masters on the FlyWalleye
448Miles ApartBass – Largemouth
449Miles ApartBass – Smallmouth
450Miles ApartCarp – Common
451Miles ApartCatfish – Black Bullhead
452Miles ApartCatfish – Brown Bullhead
453Miles ApartChub – Creek
454Miles ApartGoldeye
455Miles ApartNorthern Pike
456Miles ApartPerch – Yellow
457Miles ApartRedhorse – Silver
458Miles ApartRockbass
459Miles ApartSauger
460Miles ApartTrout – Brook
461Miles ApartWalleye
462Multicultural Fishing OntarioBass – Smallmouth
463Multicultural Fishing OntarioCarp – Common
464Multicultural Fishing OntarioCatfish – Brown Bullhead
465Multicultural Fishing OntarioRedhorse – Silver
466Multicultural Fishing OntarioRockbass
467Multicultural Fishing OntarioSalmon – Atlantic
468Multicultural Fishing OntarioSalmon – Chinook
469Multicultural Fishing OntarioSalmon – Coho
470Multicultural Fishing OntarioTrout – Brook
471Multicultural Fishing OntarioTrout – Lake
472Multicultural Fishing OntarioTrout – Rainbow
473Newfoundland JiggersBass – Smallmouth
474Newfoundland JiggersBluegill
475Newfoundland JiggersCarp – Common
476Newfoundland JiggersCatfish – Brown Bullhead
477Newfoundland JiggersPerch – Yellow
478Newfoundland JiggersSucker – White
479Newfoundland JiggersTrout – Brook
480Newfoundland JiggersWalleye
481Nipissing LegendsBass – Largemouth
482Nipissing LegendsBass – Smallmouth
483Nipissing LegendsBass – White
484Nipissing LegendsCrappie – Black
485Nipissing LegendsFreshwater Drum
486Nipissing LegendsNorthern Pike
487Nipissing LegendsPerch – Yellow
488Nipissing LegendsPumpkinseed
489Nipissing LegendsRockbass
490Nipissing LegendsTrout – Brook
491Nipissing LegendsTrout – Lake
492Nipissing LegendsWalleye
493Not your average Char-leyBurbot
494Not your average Char-leyChar – Arctic
495Not your average Char-leyChar – Arctic
496Not your average Char-leySculpin – Arctic
497Not your average Char-leySculpin – Arctic Staghorn
498Not your average Char-leySculpin – Fourhorn
499Not your average Char-leySculpin – Shorthorn
500Not your average Char-leyTrout – Lake
501OffthedockbaitzBass – Largemouth
502OffthedockbaitzBass – Smallmouth
504OffthedockbaitzCarp – Common
505OffthedockbaitzCatfish – Black Bullhead
506OffthedockbaitzCatfish – Brown Bullhead
507OffthedockbaitzCatfish – Channel
508OffthedockbaitzCatfish – Yellow Bullhead
509OffthedockbaitzCrappie – Black
510OffthedockbaitzFreshwater Drum
511OffthedockbaitzNorthern Pike
512OffthedockbaitzPerch – Yellow
514OffthedockbaitzRedhorse – Golden
516OffthedockbaitzSucker – White
517OffthedockbaitzTrout – Brook
518OffthedockbaitzTrout – Rainbow
519Ontario fishing fin addictsCatfish – Black Bullhead
520Ontario fishing fin addictsCatfish – Brown Bullhead
521Ontario fishing fin addictsCatfish – Channel
522Ontario fishing fin addictsChub – Creek
523Ontario fishing fin addictsFreshwater Drum
524Ontario fishing fin addictsPumpkinseed
525Ontario fishing fin addictsRedhorse – Golden
526Ontario fishing fin addictsRedhorse – Shorthead
527Ontario fishing fin addictsRockbass
528Ontario fishing fin addictsWalleye
529Peg City AnglersCatfish – Black Bullhead
530Peg City AnglersCatfish – Brown Bullhead
531Peg City AnglersCatfish – Channel
532Peg City AnglersFreshwater Drum
533Peg City AnglersGoldeye
534Peg City AnglersSucker – White
535Peg City AnglersWalleye
536Pike PatrolMuskellunge
537Pike PatrolNorthern Pike
538Playin’ HookieBass – Smallmouth
539Playin’ HookieBluegill
540Playin’ HookieCatfish – Brown Bullhead
541Playin’ HookieCatfish – Channel
542Playin’ HookieCrappie – Black
543Playin’ HookieNorthern Pike
544Playin’ HookiePerch – Yellow
545Playin’ HookiePumpkinseed
546Playin’ HookieRockbass
547Playin’ HookieWalleye
548Prarie Banx BoyzBass – Largemouth
549Prarie Banx BoyzBass – Smallmouth
550Prarie Banx BoyzBluegill
551Prarie Banx BoyzBuffalo – Bigmouth
552Prarie Banx BoyzCatfish – Channel
553Prarie Banx BoyzChub – Creek
554Prarie Banx BoyzCrappie – Black
555Prarie Banx BoyzFreshwater Drum
556Prarie Banx BoyzGoldeye
557Prarie Banx BoyzMooneye
558Prarie Banx BoyzNorthern Pike
559Prarie Banx BoyzPerch – Yellow
560Prarie Banx BoyzRedhorse – Silver
561Prarie Banx BoyzRockbass
562Prarie Banx BoyzSauger
563Prarie Banx BoyzSturgeon – Lake
564Prarie Banx BoyzTrout – Rainbow
565Prarie Banx BoyzWalleye
566Pro Out TackleCatfish – Brown Bullhead
567Pro Out TackleNorthern Pike
568Pro Out TacklePerch – Yellow
569Pro Out TackleRockbass
570Pro Out TackleWalleye
571Puddle JumpersRedhorse – Silver
572Puddle JumpersSturgeon – Lake
573Puddle JumpersSturgeon – Lake
574Quinte gold jiggersNorthern Pike
575Quinte gold jiggersWalleye
576Reel DealBass – Largemouth
577Reel DealBass – Smallmouth
578Reel DealBluegill
579Reel DealCarp – Common
580Reel DealCatfish – Black Bullhead
581Reel DealCatfish – Brown Bullhead
582Reel DealCatfish – Channel
583Reel DealCrappie – Black
584Reel DealCrappie – White
585Reel DealFallfish
586Reel DealFreshwater Drum
587Reel DealGar – Longnose
588Reel DealMooneye
589Reel DealNorthern Pike
590Reel DealOTHER – Acadian Redfish
591Reel DealOTHER – Atlantic Cod
592Reel DealOTHER – List species name in message
593Reel DealOTHER – List species name in message
594Reel DealOTHER – List species name in message
595Reel DealPerch – White
596Reel DealPerch – Yellow
597Reel DealRedhorse – Golden
598Reel DealRedhorse – Greater
599Reel DealRedhorse – Shorthead
600Reel DealRockbass
601Reel DealRudd
602Reel DealSauger
603Reel DealSculpin – Shorthorn
604Reel DealSturgeon – Lake
605Reel DealTrout – Brook
606Reel DealTrout – Brown
607Reel DealTrout – Rainbow
608Reel DealWalleye
609Reel LifeWalleye
610Reel SalishBurbot
611Reel SalishSalmon – Chinook
612Reeling WalleyesNorthern Pike
613Reeling WalleyesWalleye
614Sask Fish HuntersBurbot
615Sask Fish HuntersCarp – Common
616Sask Fish HuntersChub – Flathead
617Sask Fish HuntersGoldeye
618Sask Fish HuntersMooneye
619Sask Fish HuntersNorthern Pike
620Sask Fish HuntersPerch – Yellow
621Sask Fish HuntersQuillback
622Sask Fish HuntersRedhorse – Shorthead
623Sask Fish HuntersSauger
624Sask Fish HuntersSturgeon – Lake
625Sask Fish HuntersSucker – Longnose
626Sask Fish HuntersSucker – White
627Sask Fish HuntersTrout – Lake
628Sask Fish HuntersTrout – Rainbow
629Sask Fish HuntersWalleye
630Sask Fish HuntersWhitefish – Lake
631Sask Fish HuntersRedhorse – Silver
632Sask YouTube BrosBass – Largemouth
633Sask YouTube BrosCarp – Common
634Sask YouTube BrosCatfish – Black Bullhead
635Sask YouTube BrosGoldeye
636Sask YouTube BrosNorthern Pike
637Sask YouTube BrosPerch – Yellow
638Sask YouTube BrosWalleye
639Saskatchewan Fish bustersBurbot
640Saskatchewan Fish bustersBurbot
641Saskatchewan Fish bustersChub – Flathead
642Saskatchewan Fish bustersGoldeye
643Saskatchewan Fish bustersNorthern Pike
644Saskatchewan Fish bustersNorthern Pikeminnow
645Saskatchewan Fish bustersRedhorse – Shorthead
646Saskatchewan Fish bustersSucker – Longnose
647Saskatchewan Fish bustersSucker – White
648Saskatchewan Fish bustersTrout – Rainbow
649Saskatchewan Fish bustersWalleye
650SaskMetisJiggersChub – Flathead
652SaskMetisJiggersHerring – Lake
653SaskMetisJiggersNorthern Pike
654SaskMetisJiggersRedhorse – Shorthead
655SaskMetisJiggersRedhorse – Silver
657SaskMetisJiggersSturgeon – Lake
658SaskMetisJiggersSucker – Longnose
659SaskMetisJiggersSucker – White
661Sault River DogTrout – Lake
662Sault River DogWhitefish – Lake
663Screamin reelsCarp – Common
664Screamin reelsFreshwater Drum
665Slaunch DonkeysBass – Largemouth
666Slaunch DonkeysBass – Smallmouth
667Slaunch DonkeysBluegill
668Slaunch DonkeysBowfin
669Slaunch DonkeysCarp – Common
670Slaunch DonkeysCatfish – Black Bullhead
671Slaunch DonkeysCatfish – Brown Bullhead
672Slaunch DonkeysCatfish – Channel
673Slaunch DonkeysCrappie – Black
674Slaunch DonkeysCrappie – White
675Slaunch DonkeysFallfish
676Slaunch DonkeysFreshwater Drum
677Slaunch DonkeysGar – Longnose
678Slaunch DonkeysGreen Sunfish
679Slaunch DonkeysMuskellunge
680Slaunch DonkeysNorthern Pike
681Slaunch DonkeysPerch – White
682Slaunch DonkeysPerch – Yellow
683Slaunch DonkeysPumpkinseed
684Slaunch DonkeysRedhorse – Silver
685Slaunch DonkeysRockbass
686Slaunch DonkeysRudd
687Slaunch DonkeysSalmon – Chinook
688Slaunch DonkeysSucker – White
689Slaunch DonkeysTrout – Brook
690Slaunch DonkeysTrout – Lake
691Slaunch DonkeysTrout – Rainbow
692Slaunch DonkeysWalleye
693SmashBass – Largemouth
694SmashBass – Smallmouth
696SmashCarp – Common
697SmashCrappie – Black
698SmashFreshwater Drum
699SmashPerch – Yellow
702SmashTrout – Lake
703SmashTrout – Rainbow
705Snag WarriorsNorthern Pike
706Spin and JigBass – Smallmouth
707Spin and JigNorthern Pike
708Spin and JigRockbass
709Team Chrome ChasersBass – Largemouth
710Team Chrome ChasersFreshwater Drum
711Team Chrome ChasersPerch – Yellow
712Team Chrome ChasersRockbass
713Team Chrome ChasersWalleye
714Team Drag PullersBass – Largemouth
715Team Drag PullersBass – Smallmouth
716Team Drag PullersBass – Striped
717Team Drag PullersBass – White
718Team Drag PullersBluegill
719Team Drag PullersBowfin
720Team Drag PullersCarp – Common
721Team Drag PullersCatfish – Black Bullhead
722Team Drag PullersCatfish – Brown Bullhead
723Team Drag PullersCatfish – Channel
724Team Drag PullersCatfish – Yellow Bullhead
725Team Drag PullersChain Pickerel
726Team Drag PullersChar – Arctic
727Team Drag PullersChub – Creek
728Team Drag PullersCrappie – Black
729Team Drag PullersCrappie – White
730Team Drag PullersEel – American
731Team Drag PullersFallfish
732Team Drag PullersFlounder – Winter
733Team Drag PullersFreshwater Drum
734Team Drag PullersGar – Longnose
735Team Drag PullersGoldfish
736Team Drag PullersMooneye
737Team Drag PullersMuskellunge
738Team Drag PullersNorthern Pike
739Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
740Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
741Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
742Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
743Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
744Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
745Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
746Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
747Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
748Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
749Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
750Team Drag PullersOTHER – List species name in message
751Team Drag PullersPerch – White
752Team Drag PullersPerch – Yellow
753Team Drag PullersQuillback
754Team Drag PullersRedhorse – Golden
755Team Drag PullersRedhorse – Greater
756Team Drag PullersRedhorse – River
757Team Drag PullersRedhorse – Shorthead
758Team Drag PullersRedhorse – Silver
759Team Drag PullersRockbass
760Team Drag PullersSalmon – Chinook
761Team Drag PullersSauger
762Team Drag PullersSculpin – Longhorn
763Team Drag PullersSculpin – Shorthorn
764Team Drag PullersSucker – White
765Team Drag PullersTrout – Brook
766Team Drag PullersTrout – Brown
767Team Drag PullersTrout – Lake
768Team Drag PullersTrout – Rainbow
769Team Drag PullersWalleye
770Team Fishing SaskGoldeye
771Team Fishing SaskSauger
772Team Fishing SaskSturgeon – Lake
773Team Fishing SaskWalleye
774Team Get The Net!Catfish – Channel
775Team Get The Net!Redhorse – Silver
776Team Left CoastBass – Smallmouth
777Team Left CoastCarp – Common
778Team Left CoastChub – Peamouth
779Team Left CoastDogfish – Pacific Spiny
780Team Left CoastFlounder – Rock Sole
781Team Left CoastNorthern Pikeminnow
782Team Left CoastOTHER – Lingcod (saltwater)
783Team Left CoastOTHER – Starry Flounder
784Team Left CoastPerch – Yellow
785Team Left CoastRockfish – Brown
786Team Left CoastRockfish – Copper
787Team Left CoastRockfish – Yelloweye
788Team Left CoastSalmon – Chinook
789Team Left CoastSculpin – Pacific Staghorn
790Team Left CoastSnake Prickleback
791Team Left CoastSturgeon – White
792Team Left CoastSucker – Largescale
793Team Left CoastTrout – Rainbow
794Team MastercastersBass – Largemouth
795Team MastercastersBass – Smallmouth
796Team MastercastersBluegill
797Team MastercastersBowfin
798Team MastercastersCatfish – Channel
799Team MastercastersCrappie – Black
800Team MastercastersFallfish
801Team MastercastersFreshwater Drum
802Team MastercastersMuskellunge
803Team MastercastersNorthern Pike
804Team MastercastersPerch – Yellow
805Team MastercastersPumpkinseed
806Team MastercastersRedhorse – Greater
807Team MastercastersRedhorse – Silver
808Team MastercastersRockbass
809Team MastercastersSturgeon – Lake
810Team MastercastersSucker – White
811Team MastercastersTrout – Lake
812Team Purdie LoveArctic Grayling
813Team Purdie LoveNorthern Pike
814Team Purdie LoveTrout – Brook
815Team Purdie LoveTrout – Brown
816Team Purdie LoveTrout – Rainbow
817Team Purdie LoveWhitefish – Lake
818Team Sanderson OutdoorsBass – Largemouth
819Team Sanderson OutdoorsBass – Smallmouth
820Team Sanderson OutdoorsCatfish – Brown Bullhead
821Team Sanderson OutdoorsCatfish – Channel
822Team Sanderson OutdoorsFreshwater Drum
823Team Sanderson OutdoorsPerch – Yellow
824Team Sanderson OutdoorsRockbass
825Team Tackle The NorthBass – Smallmouth
826Team Tackle The NorthRockbass
827TeamKDawg306FishinNorthern Pike
829The George and Chris ShowCarp – Common
830The George and Chris ShowCatfish – Channel
831The Hookers of HaffordBurbot
832The Hookers of HaffordNorthern Pike
833The Hookers of HaffordSauger
834The Hookers of HaffordWalleye
835The Laker TakersBowfin
836The Laker TakersCarp – Common
837The Laker TakersCatfish – Black Bullhead
838The Laker TakersCatfish – Channel
839The Laker TakersPerch – Yellow
840The Laker TakersTrout – Brook
841The Laker TakersTrout – Lake
842The Last Saskatchewan PiratesBass – Largemouth
843The Last Saskatchewan PiratesCarp – Common
844The Last Saskatchewan PiratesCatfish – Channel
845The Last Saskatchewan PiratesNorthern Pike
846The Last Saskatchewan PiratesPerch – Yellow
847The Last Saskatchewan PiratesWalleye
848The No Fluke Fishing TeamNorthern Pike
849The No Fluke Fishing TeamRedhorse – Silver
850The No Fluke Fishing TeamSucker – Longnose
851The No Fluke Fishing TeamSucker – White
852The No Fluke Fishing TeamTrout – Brown
853The No Fluke Fishing TeamTrout – Bull
854The No Fluke Fishing TeamTrout – Cutthroat
855The No Fluke Fishing TeamTrout – Lake
856The No Fluke Fishing TeamWalleye
857The Pickerel PoundersCatfish – Brown Bullhead
858The Pickerel PoundersNorthern Pike
859The Pickerel PoundersPerch – Yellow
860The Pickerel PoundersSauger
861The Pickerel PoundersWalleye
862The RednecksBass – Largemouth
863The RednecksCatfish – Channel
864The RednecksFreshwater Drum
865The RednecksPerch – Yellow
866The RednecksRedhorse – Silver
867The RednecksSucker – White
868The Reel AnglersBass – Largemouth
869The Reel AnglersBass – Smallmouth
870The Reel AnglersBass – White
871The Reel AnglersBluegill
872The Reel AnglersCarp – Common
873The Reel AnglersCatfish – Black Bullhead
874The Reel AnglersCatfish – Brown Bullhead
875The Reel AnglersCatfish – Channel
876The Reel AnglersChub – Creek
877The Reel AnglersChub – River
878The Reel AnglersCrappie – Black
879The Reel AnglersFreshwater Drum
880The Reel AnglersGar – Longnose
881The Reel AnglersNorthern Pike
882The Reel AnglersPerch – Yellow
883The Reel AnglersPumpkinseed
884The Reel AnglersRedhorse – Golden
885The Reel AnglersRedhorse – Greater
886The Reel AnglersRedhorse – Shorthead
887The Reel AnglersRockbass
888The Reel AnglersSucker – White
889The Reel AnglersTrout – Brook
890The Reel AnglersTrout – Brown
891The Reel AnglersWalleye
892The Reel Deal!Bass – Smallmouth
893The Reel Deal!Catfish – Channel
894The Reel Deal!Crappie – Black
895The Reel Deal!Freshwater Drum
896The Reel Deal!Goldeye
897The Reel Deal!Northern Pike
898The Reel Deal!Perch – Yellow
899The Reel Deal!Sauger
900The Reel Deal!Trout – Rainbow
901The Reel Deal!Walleye
902The Rod Father & SonBass – Largemouth
903The Rod Father & SonBass – Smallmouth
904The Rod Father & SonBowfin
905The Rod Father & SonCarp – Common
906The Rod Father & SonCatfish – Black Bullhead
907The Rod Father & SonCatfish – Brown Bullhead
908The Rod Father & SonCatfish – Channel
909The Rod Father & SonCatfish – Yellow Bullhead
910The Rod Father & SonFreshwater Drum
911The Rod Father & SonGoldfish
912The Rod Father & SonPerch – White
913The Rod Father & SonPerch – Yellow
914The Rod Father & SonPumpkinseed
915The Rod Father & SonRockbass
916The South AfricansCatfish – Channel
917The South AfricansGoldfish
918The Tin BangersBass – Largemouth
919The Tin BangersBass – Smallmouth
920The Tin BangersBluegill
921The Tin BangersCarp – Common
922The Tin BangersCatfish – Black Bullhead
923The Tin BangersCatfish – Brown Bullhead
924The Tin BangersCrappie – Black
925The Tin BangersFallfish
926The Tin BangersFreshwater Drum
927The Tin BangersNorthern Pike
928The Tin BangersPerch – White
929The Tin BangersPerch – Yellow
930The Tin BangersPumpkinseed
931The Tin BangersRockbass
932The Tin BangersSucker – White
933The Tin BangersTrout – Brown
934The Tin BangersWalleye
935The Ugli BunchBowfin
936The Ugli BunchCatfish – Brown Bullhead
937The Ugli BunchCatfish – Channel
938The Ugli BunchPerch – Yellow
939The Ugli BunchRockbass
940Tight LinesBass – Largemouth
941Tight LinesBass – White
942Tight LinesBluegill
943Tight LinesBowfin
944Tight LinesCatfish – Black Bullhead
945Tight LinesCatfish – Brown Bullhead
946Tight LinesCatfish – Channel
947Tight LinesFreshwater Drum
948Tight LinesPerch – White
949Tight LinesPerch – Yellow
950Tight LinesRockbass
951Tight LinesWalleye
952True North AnglersBass – Largemouth
953True North AnglersBass – Smallmouth
954True North AnglersBluegill
955True North AnglersCatfish – Black Bullhead
956True North AnglersCatfish – Channel
957True North AnglersChub – Creek
958True North AnglersCrappie – Black
959True North AnglersNorthern Pike
960True North AnglersPerch – Yellow
961True North AnglersRockbass
962True North AnglersSalmon – Chinook
963True North AnglersSalmon – Coho
964True North AnglersTrout – Brook
965True North AnglersTrout – Lake
966True North AnglersWalleye
967VleemingBass – Largemouth
968VleemingCrappie – Black
969VleemingNorthern Pike
970VleemingPerch – Yellow
971WalterhuntersCatfish – Brown Bullhead
973WalterhuntersNorthern Pike
974WalterhuntersPerch – Yellow
977Walters BaitsBass – Largemouth
978Walters BaitsBass – Smallmouth
979Walters BaitsPerch – Yellow
980Walters BaitsRockbass
981Walters BaitsTrout – Brook
982Walters BaitsTrout – Lake
983Welland River WarriorsBowfin
984Welland River WarriorsCarp – Common
985Welland River WarriorsCatfish – Channel
986Welland River WarriorsWalleye
987Wild CatchCatfish – Brown Bullhead
988Wild CatchWalleye
989Wild CatchWhitefish – Lake
990Wild West FishingGoldeye
991Wild West FishingMooneye
992Wild West FishingPerch – Yellow
993Wild West FishingRedhorse – Shorthead
994Wild West FishingSauger
995Wild West FishingSturgeon – Lake
996Wild West FishingSucker – White
997Wild West FishingWalleye
998Women’s Fishing NetworkNorthern Pike

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