Enter Your Fish – CFN Fish Off 2020 Spring Tournament

ENTER YOUR FISH (2 easy steps)

Step 1: Post your measurement video on the CFN Fish Off Facebook page.
**Make sure your measurement video has all the necessary requirements.


Step 2: Self enter your fish on the official CFN Fish Off tournament chart.
**Note your fish will not be assigned points until it is verified by our judging team.


Step 3 – CFN Judges will verify your self-posted species and length by watching your FB measurement video
**Zero points will be assigned to your fish until it is verified 

Step 4 – Catch another fish and enter another species!
**No need to upgrade your catches unless your new entry will place in the top 3 positions. 


Measurement how-to video
Measurement requirements

Leaderboard / Species Charts
Shimano Weekly Categories
Official Rules
CFN Fish Off Youtube Series [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3 not released yet]



2 thoughts on “Enter Your Fish – CFN Fish Off 2020 Spring Tournament

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  1. Just a quick question,  I went to the chart link on the email. Under the team name I can’t find our team name. I know we are registered. We are number 160. TEAM AINSWORTH  . Is there a reason I can’t find it or will it be available tomorrow when I fo to enter my fish. I will enter on the fb page, but  I thought I have to do both on step #2. Please let me know. Thank you,Shawn Ponte,Team Ainsworth Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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