Ugliboys Baits

The Canadian Fishing Network would like to thank Ugliboys Baits for their support of the CFN Fish Off.  Ugliboys Baits offers a wide range of bait holders, drop shot weights, bucktails, harnesses and so much more all handmade and purchasable threw their Facebook Shop. The CFN Fish off would like to say thank you to... Continue Reading →

Sanderson Fishing and Outdoors

The CFN team would like to thank Sanderson Fishing and Outdoors for being a proud sponsor of the CFN Fish Off. Home of The Lekker Flippin Jigs and Hand tied Bugga Jigs! Sanderson Fishing and Outdoors offers much more than just fishing tackle. If you are ever in the Niagara region, Sanderson Fishing and Outdoors... Continue Reading →

SYD Fishes Jigs

The Canadian Fishing Network would like to thank SYD Fishes Jigs for all the amazing and continued support of the CFN Fish Off. The winner of the CFN Fish Off will receive awesome prizes put together by Syd Fishes Jigs! Syd Fishes Jigs, more than just jigs.... Visit Syd Fishes Jigs on Facebook and Instagram... Continue Reading →

Bait And Bite Me Fishing Tackle

Check out the wide variety of custom painted lures you can win from Bait And Bite Me Fishing Tackle. Top 3 teams for the CFN Fish Off online tournament will receive some awesome tackle from Bait and Bite Me! Check out more their product line on their  Facebook page.  Quality Meets Variety. Thank you Bait... Continue Reading →

Got2Bite Fishing Tackle

Got 2 Bite has been making custom fishing tackle for over twenty-five years. Using a variety of natural and eco-friendly materials with a large variety of colors and quality designs to manufacture the lures. Keeping the environment in mind to ensure future generations are able to fish. Check out more photos of Got 2 Bites... Continue Reading →

Nextgen Baits

Thank you, Nextgen Baits for supporting the CFN Fish Off. Top 3 teams for the CFN Fish Off online tournament recieve an awesome prize package! You can check out more of Nextgen Baits on their Facebook Page or Instagram Page! To order Nextgen Baits now follow this link --> Nextgen Baits Thank you Nextgen Baits!

Bad Habit Baits

Check out the amazing custom lures you can win from Bad Habit Baits. Top 3 teams for the CFN Fish Off online tournament will win! Visit Bad Habit Baits custom lures and plastics on Facebook.     Have you ever wanted that dream come true lure? With Bad Habit Baits customization you can make your lure... Continue Reading →

CFN Fish Off Premieres on TV!

The CFN Fish Off is taking it to the next level! Our show is now being aired on the Sportsman Channel in Canada and the World Fishing Network in the United States. . What does this mean? This means the winning team from the 2020 CFN Fish Off online tournament now earns their way on... Continue Reading →

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